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MDxBlocks is a Blockchain company which offers many partnership types for our partners to be successful. Partnering with MDxBlocks provides you with many resources which can help our partner grow along with us.

Partner Type:

MDxBlocks – PartnerWorld offers Reseller Partner as Partner Type.

Reseller Partner

Requirements & Benefits
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This engagement model is designed for partners that resell MDxBlocks solutions. Your organization may manage the entire customer lifecycle, including demand, sales, and implementation. You are entitled to provide maintenance and support services after successfully completing the appropriate requirements. This model includes, but is not limited to, partners such as value-added resellers (VARs) and resellers.

Requirements & Benefits
  1.  Reseller-Direct:

    An ideal way to begin your reselling relationship with MDxBlocks. Once you join you will be able to sell, service, and market MDxBlocks-approved products available through our distributor channel. It's free to join but some of your sales and pre-sales staff will need to complete our free training to become authorized to begin selling. 

    * Become a partner for free and sell/refer product licenses to your clients
    * Standard license fee. Set your own margins while selling to the client

  2. Reseller-VAR

This model is the ideal fit for value-added resellers (VARs). VARs do more than just sell alone; they build, sell, service, and implement our solutions across all industries that meet the needs of customers in the SME market and beyond. This option gives you access to full portfolio of solutions, a tiered program with deepening benefits and a value points system that recognizes and rewards you for more than just business performance but also competency, and strategic alignment. There are annual program fees and you'll need to meet the minimum entry and ongoing requirements to become and remain authorized to sell.

* co-brand your company as a company partner and sell product licenses
* Standard license fee. Set your own margins while selling to the client.
* Support your client
* We support your business.

Provide information about your company, solution, industry, key contacts, and other information

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