Sometimes we forget that behind every high-tech startup is people working had to solve a problem and improve the lives of millions. 

At Ephycent, it is no different, we are all seasoned professionals with experience working on complex projects for midsize to large enterprises.

We understand that although blockchain is still highly complex to implement, the business outcomes are transformative and will soon create an amazing new market, where companies that ignore the technology may become quickly obsolete, just as it happened before with other technologies — such as the internet.

We are focused, challenge seekers and are always available to serve your company the best way we can. 


Lino Quagliariello



Software developer turned IT consultant, always looking for the combination of best practices and technological innovation to help executives from midsize to large global companies.

With the understanding that enterprise blockchain is a transformational technology, Lino founded Ephycent to remove any technological hurdles from this complex technology, so businesses may focus on what really matters: the business outcome.


Leandro Balbinot

SVP Technology or Product Engineering & Data at McDonald's


Leandro brings more than 20 years as IT Executive of large global companies such ABInBev, Kraft Heinz Company and now McDonald's. 

With a focus on both legacy systems and innovation, Leandro is active part of the startup world, helping startups and connecting with VCs.