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MDxBlocks, has a thorough understanding of business case challenges. We provide the right solutions architecture to address specific requirements through the optimum combination of technology.

At MDxBlocks, we’ve got the experience to put together a symphony of harmonious, problem-solving technologies. These enabling-technologies may provide important functions for in an overall application solution set: Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Internet of Things  (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Integration (API, EDI, WebServices) and Analytics (BI) 

Our expertise in understanding how these components work together gives MDxBlocks a competitive edge in process automation requirements gathering and solution architecture.

Artificial Intelligence, while not a replacement for all human-centric tasks, has continued to evolve as a proven decision-making tool providing much needed capabilities in both mundane and advanced business tasks. According to Gartner in 2020, over 37% of all organizations have implemented Artificial Intelligence in some form.  Examples of successful AI implementations include predictive and repetitive maintenance systems, customer interaction in banking and insurance, and medical records consolidation

While everyone is familiar with Smartphone technology, the phenomenal growth of Intelligent Devices of ALL types has remained under the radar. It is estimated that there are 10 billion of these devices employed in 2021, and there will be more than 25 billion by 2030; with the potential to generate four trillion to eleven trillion dollars in economic value.  In brief, an IoT device is hardware (devices with sensors) connected by the Internet and sent to the Cloud. The advantages of this type of process are enormous for industries looking at real-time data collection, remote-monitoring, precise measurements and analytics of data, to name a few.


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Robotics Processing Automation software tools have taken a vital role in business over the past two decades for basic, repetitive tasks. These technologies are essentially mimicking back-office tasks performed by human workers such as invoice preparation, insurance claims, or any clerical function regarding files management and forms.

The obvious benefits of RPA include reducing costs (documented in many cases of at least a 50% reduction), allowing much more effective utilization of Staff Resources, enhanced Customer Interaction, and Legacy IT Infrastructure refresh. 

Through effective solution architecture, the MDxBlocks team provides enabling-technologies such as Machine Learning with IoT and RPA for a custom solution based upon your organizations’ specific requirements. Analytics, either in the form of basic data visualization and reporting or advanced predictive or optimization capabilities, is harnessed in a use-case scenario by the type of data and desired outputs


Does every application development project, including for blockchain, require these enabling-technologies? The clear answer is No. But as more and more applications today are designed and built with these critical technologies, they provide measurable competitive advantages to truly harness the power of custom applications


Let MDXBlock’s team guide you in understanding what is possible with your application requirements through extensible, expandable and scalable design through implementation software application development execution.