Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. Though the concept originated earlier the first practical definition of digital twin originated from NASA in an attempt to improve physical model simulation of spacecraft in 2010.

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Ensuring Safe and Secure data with Blockchain –How can Digital Twins Innovate faster through this integration?

Panel9 - IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Digital Twin – Creating an Effective Business Case and Digital Ecosystem

  • How a Digital Twin supports Predictive Maintenance in reducing downtime?

  • Ensuring Safe and Secure data with Blockchain – How can Digital Twins Innovate faster through this integration?

  • How to the fill data gaps – A focus on Cognitive Computing and understanding the true value of Machine Learning

  • Building a Decentralized Digital Community through Blockchain and IoT

  • Maximizing simultaneous technologies – Challenges posed, and opportunities offered.

  • Web3.0 - DI – DARQ.

  • Blockchain + DeFi + DEX + NFTS + Oracles for

  • Track and Trace Assets, Resolve Reconciliations and Zero Day Invoicing for Payment Processing .

  • Digital Certificate for Real Physical Assets and ESG Green Card Reporting.

  • Carbon Credits Offsetting and Green Bonds -New Revenue Stream.

  • Chain-link and Cross chains for Interoperability with Other Blockchain and Off – Chains (ERP and COTS) Integration.

  • Sustainable Value Chain, Vendor Responsibility and Accountability.

  • MetaVerse (VR + AR + MR + XR), RPA and IOT, Drones, Robotics and OGI Sniffers for

  • Simulation of Oil and Gas Operations, Oilfield Surface Terrain Analysis.

  • Virtual Training for Operational safety procedures.

  • Virtual Buildings, Plants and Facilities for Simulation of offshore.

  • Assets, equipment and operations for Scope 1 and 2 Emissions.

  • Virtual Convenience store for products, gas, fuel, lubricants, and renewable energy products.

  • Virtual Digital Platform for Scope 3 Super Emitters and Hot Spots.

  • AI for Inventory Management, Forecast and Predictive Maintenance.

  • Quantum Computing for Exponential Calculations, Quick Research Analysis, Speed Modeling and Quick Decision-Making.

  • Cloud for Edge Compute, Storage, Gateways & Hybrid Decentralized Applications (dApps) Deployment Globally.