Rapid Prototyping has become the staple for Enterprise Blockchain projects, rather than the traditional build-out of entire applications with full requirements. 

Image by Jo Szczepanska

MDxBlocks 10-Week prototype relies on one of the most advanced frameworks for a fast Enterprise Blockchain Network deployment and management, called Syntheses. The result is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, agnostic of infrastructure as required for any Enterprise Blockchain Network. 

The prototypes below can be configured and customized within the 10-Week timeframe, and in some cases the prototype may be complementary. Please select the prototype below to learn more:

Since no infrastructure investment or fully established consortium model is necessary to prototype with Syntheses, our engineers can start day one of requirements gathering and design with a demonstrable Proof of Concept prototype based on your organization’s specific business case.

 Within MDxBlocks is a well-defined methodology for discovery, data collection, requirements gathering, solution architecture, workflow mapping, roles and responsibilities assignment, and clearly defined business objectives. This process is a core service that we provide at no cost as part of the launch of Syntheses.