ESG Pathway To Net Zero


Our Pathway to Net Zero strategy includes activity and commitments across our investment portfolio, our own operations, and our people. It also identifies the external partners with whom we are working and our commitments to them

We believe that setting out a clear pathway to net-zero, backed up by real actions along with regular reporting, is absolutely vital to effect meaningful change in the decades before 2050. For this reason, we have aimed to provide as much detail as possible on our business, and our commitments, and set regular milestones for the years ahead.

While much of our reporting focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are aware that these alone are not sufficient to determine the climate change risks faced by individual companies or organizations

We know that working and collaborating with others is essential too, as we collectively tackle the challenges that climate change presents. We have identified a number of partners we are working with along the way as we make the pathway to net-zero a reality.

It is vital that the industry works together to deliver a clear pathway to net-zero and the regular reporting needed to keep our efforts on track. We are pleased to join the Net-Zero Alliance and support its work which we see as a fundamental part of our commitment to providing our partners with security for a better future.