GCX - Global Carbon eXchange

GCX is a new type of Carbon Offset Marketplace for businesses that leverages Web3,  Blockchain for transparency, fast settlement, and AI to find only the certificates that best fit your strategy.

Whether you're looking for reductions from renewable energy projects or certified forest offsets, our AI powered platform will help you find the right certificate.

CGX is open 24x7 and offers only carbon offsets certified by the most trusted organizations: Verra, Gold Standard and American Carbon Registry. 

GCX (Global Carbon eXchange purpose: 

Human activities emit enormous quantities of Green House Gases (GHGs). “The COVID-19 is impacting millions of lives, we have witnessed unpredictable weather patterns, disasters, sea level rise, implications for crop production, livestock and Islands are disappearing.” ​For two decades, the companies have attempted to mitigate its environmental impact by adopting go green strategies. However, due to lack of a secure and accurate measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) system, lowering the companies carbon footprint has not been embraced by stakeholders, Investors and owners. ​Current CO2 emissions are estimated at 55 billion tons annually. ​ Even if we cut this to zero in the next decade, estimates put the long-term global warming impact at 1.5 to 2C, which will have dire consequences on our daily life through changes to sea level, food production and health. It means that there will nothing leave for future generations unless we change our economic model. 

About GCX (Global Carbon eXchange ):
Image by Chris LeBoutillier

A blockchain-based Defi & NFT Voluntary Carbon Marketplace for carbon removal certificates and a cryptocurrency tied to the carbon removal from atmosphere globally. It is possible by quantifying the amount of carbon dioxide removed in a certified credible fashion. NFT Tokenization: By tokenizing Carbon Credit Units into FNFTs (Fungible Non-Fungible Tokens), we can accelerate the trade of emission-reduction credits through Standard Protocols, real-time transparency, instant settlement, increased liquidity, Carbon Footprint Calculations and various synergies being tied to a digital Decentralized exchange (DEX) fiat and cryptocurrency ecosystem. GCX brings to both buyers and suppliers(Project Developers/sellers) Organizations is the ability to connect in a more efficient and transparent marketplace. One Neo token will be exchangeable for one Carbon Removal Certificate (CRC) given CRC supply. The Neo Stable Coin will function as the medium of exchange for purchasing Carbon Removal Certificates (CRCs). We use ERC1155, which is a multi-token support for both Fungible and Non-Fungible(FNFTs).