Material Tracer-Smart Bolt

A Blockchain Solution for Oil and Gas Industry to track and trace of Smart Bolts

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Material Tracer-Smart Bolt

The Smart Bolt Blockchain Solutions is a private (permissioned) Blockchain. Key participants are Manufacturer, LabTest, OEM , and Operator.

A heat lot number generated at manufacturer and is an indication, when measuring with ultrasonic to measure the tension. So the heat lot number indication is the representation a birth certificate or birth mark

It was taking a very long time and validation the way in which we measure the chemistry of the metal and how it’s going to react .With tracing and certificate tracing , should be able to identify the cause and take preventive measures.

Operator place the Specification Request for the bolt to the OEM. OEM sends  Smart Bolt- Specification  to Manufacturer .Manufacturer Procures the Wire from Raw Material Supplier along with Material Certificate.

Manufacturer Produce the Smart Bolt as per API and  as per the custom design from OEM/Operator. Manufacturer Sends  it to Lab Test for testing the Smart Bolt  to Manufacturer’s Preferred Lab .After Lab Test is done on Smart Bolt , its certificate is sent  to OEM .

Manufacturer and Operator .OEM will verify the Test Certificate and further assign the Smart Bolt to  OEM’s independent Lab Test. If the results meet the specification requirement, OEM sends the results  to Operator or if it doesn’t match the specification , OEM send the Smart Bolt to his Preferred Lab Test. Once the Certificate matches then the Smart Bolt is  delivered  to Operator

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