Quarantine and Isolation Monitoring Prototype

The Business Challenge​

The biggest challenge during the pandemic was to quickly trace any potential cases and isolate them immediately,  and quarantine positive Covid-19 cases. One of the most effective ways to contain an epidemic or pandemic spread is to quickly identify the contaminated individuals, or potentially exposed, and isolate or quarantine them. Many countries were successful using these techniques, but countries such South Korea further automated this process using smartphones to track their citizens and quickly isolate or trace potential cases. 

MDxBlocks was one of the major players helping Countries, States and Cities all around the world to protect their citizens. The same technology stack may be used to track and trace any asset using GPS or an internet connected device such a Smartphone.



  • Covid-19 Tracing teams were empowered with the information provided

  • The 6 feet detection using bluetooth recorded all the potential contamination and isolation required

  • Isolation/Quarantined citizens have full support through the app

  • Crucial information shared with government and hospitals in real time