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The Only Solution that Enables - Out of the Box - Every Participant in an Enterprise Blockchain Network to Choose and Manage Their Own Infrastructure. 

Fully automated production-grade Hyperledger Fabric 2 deployment and management using rich and intuitive UI, in a Kubernetes managed infrastructure. A mouthful, we know, but there’s more.

Syntheses can be installed in any virtual machine (VM) connected to the internet; therefore, it’s well-suited for any cloud and/or on-premises deployment.

Syntheses Enabled Sample Hyperledger Fabric Network

Network Admin

Kubernetes Enabled Hyperledger Fabric 2 Network 



Org 1

Org 2

Org 3

Channel 1

Org 3



Org 4


Org 5

Channel 2

* For illustration purposes Orderers, CA servers and Chaincodes are not shown.

Syntheses seamlessly connects all participant organizations, wherever they are, creating a production-grade multi-infrastructure Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network, all in 4 simple steps:



Syntheses is a downloadable executable that can be installed in your preferred infrastructure, giving you full control of all aspects of your infrastructure, be that under a cloud agreement or your in-house servers.



The first time you run Syntheses, our wizard will guide you in all the steps to create a production-level network. 

All our networks are Kubernetes-enabled to ensure the network is always on. 



After the core network is up and running, it is time to invite the other participating organizations. Each and every participating organization may choose their own infrastructure, and Synhteses connects them all seamlessly.



Using our rich UI interfaces, create and manage channels, upload and invoke chaincode, connect to your UI, configure and change parameters, assign administrators, and all of the latest Hyperledger Fabric 2 features. 

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