All of the leading IT research and advisory companies in the world agree that blockchain technology will revolutionize the way companies collaborate, generating unprecedented business opportunities, including process improvements, cost-saving, fraud reduction, improved services, better security, etc.

Please find below some business cases for your industry, and reach out to us to discuss how we can enable them for your success.

Climate Change :

UC1: Co2 Emissions Offsetting and Tracing

UC2: Co2 Trading System

Supply Chain :

UC3 : Zero Touch Automation for

  • Billing
  • Auditing and Settlement
  • Bill of Lading
  • Pedimento
  • Freight Bill and Audit

Oil and Gas :

UC4 : Tracking and Prevention of Critical for any asset across Value chain,but not limited to

  • Raw Materials, Steel Pipes, Pumps, Bolts & Nuts
  • Top Drives
  • Documents and Certificates

UC5: Zero Touch Automation for

  • Documents and Certificates
  • Asset Validation and Optimization
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Inventory Management
  • Hydrocarbon Accounting

UC6 : International Trade Digitization (ITD) Cross-Border (Extension of UC4)

UC7 : Preventing Failures on Critical Assets such as Top Drives

Healthcare :

UC8: Revenue Cycle Management and Claims Adjudications

UC9: Research and Clinical Trials

UC10: Drug and Device Supply Chain

UC11: Health Records and Data Exchange

UC12: Public Health Security

UC13: Billing and Coding

Pharmacy :

UC14: Counterfeit Drugs

UC15: Charge Backs

UC16: Research and Clinical Trials

UC17: Payer’s Solution

Banking and Finance :

UC18: Loans and Mortgages

UC19: Cross Border Payments

UC20: Stock Trading

UC21: Identity Management

Real Estate :

UC23: Property Rental

UC24: Title Records

UC25: Property Regulations

UC26: Real Estate Liquidity

UC27: Property Tokenization

Agriculture :

UC28: Farm Inventory

UC29: Fair Pricing

Telecom :

UC30: Roaming Fraud

UC31: Low Power Wide Area Networks

UC32: Sim/Smart Cards

UC33: 5G Enablement

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