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As with any transformational technology before it, Enterprise Blockchain has the potential of creating a new generation of business winners and losers - Blockbuster and Netflix, anyone? This time around, the technology has B2B-focus, and is impacting industries not directly disrupted by the Internet.

Enterprise Blockchain is the ultimate inter-business collaboration technology. Even competitors will cooperate using Enterprise Blockchain projects to realize improved efficiencies averaging 35% and reduced manual interactions of up to 90%. Enterprise Blockchain will do for a consortium of companies what Enterprise Resource Planning did for individual companies.

Hundreds of consortia have already advanced in creating game-changing solutions, and thousands more will be created in the next 10 years.

​MDxBlocks' vast experience in Enterprise Blockchain prepared us to guide our clients from the initial workshops and assessments, to prototype, pilot, consortium creation and governance, and finally to full-blown solutions. All the while, we provide expert advice in choosing the technology stack that fits each scenario.

Giving a Presentation

Learn Blockchain Technologies In Business Innovation Application, resulting in a deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology, enabling you to assess which business problems it can solve.

Our workshops are customized by industry and audience (Executives, IT professionals, the general public, etc), therefore engaging everybody in your company.

Writing Documents

We work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to deliver the following assessments:

  • Strategic Alignment – Alignment with the overall vision and objectives

  • End User Satisfaction – Potential to improve end user satisfaction and happiness levels

  • Financial Benefits – ROI, estimated operational and financial benefits realized

  • Scalability & Performance – Accounts the scalability of the solution and systems downtime

  • Interoperability & Integration – Integration with legacy systems and other controls and platforms

  • Security – Impact on the overall security and risk

  • Business Process Remodeling - Blockchain requires a new way to run processes

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One of the most important steps of your company's Blockchain journey, prototypes are the best way to validate your application all the while prepare your team to leverage Blockchain anywhere else it is applicable.

MDxBlocks spent years creating bullet-proof tools and processes to enable companies to focus on what matters in Blockchain projects: the business Outcome. 

From our rapid 5-Week prototypes to a more customized approach, there is no better partner to deliver a fast and successful prototype.

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MVP & Beyond

In the Blockchain world, a Minimum Viable Product (MVPs) requires a group of companies working together to define the new process, governance, and finally the first full version of the application. 

Collaboration is unique in a way that many stakeholders are spread amongst all participating companies. 

MDxBlocks fully understands the challenge of the new paradigm and built a framework to minimize friction and fulfill every participant's needs. 

Flow Chart
Consortium Governance

Hundreds of consortia are already very advanced in their Blockchain projects, and thousands more should became reality. Most of the Consortia are Business Process based, and there are thousands of business processes spread all over the world among all industries, sometimes cross-industries.

More than 90% of the first generation of Enterprise Blockchain applications will be created through consortia. Creating a successful consortium is the most challenging aspect of a successful Blockchain project, being the governance and legal aspects of a consortium the most challenging.

Let MDxBlocks support your consortium efforts, and get it right from the beginning.